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Search, Social, Content Marketing Reading List March 19, 2012

I consume and share a lot of information every day on digital marketing topics, especially search marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. I’d like to start sharing some of what I’m reading here in no particular order:

    • Stop Talking About Social and Do It. Business models have not kept pace with the “social era” and this series covers 360 degrees of how social affects all aspects of business – a perspective the resonates with  the Optimize approach to online marketing – Yes and Know
    • Matt Cutts: Google To Target Overly SEO’ed Sites Within Weeks. The question is, what does an “over-optimized” page look like to Google? – Search Engine Roundtable
    • The Time For Content Marketing Is Now.  Nice to see more SEOs jumping on the content marketing bandwagon – Distilled
    • Think fast: Is that tweet true or false? How we use credibility cues to make decisions – Interesting assessment of what constitutes credibility within the Twitter expereience.  Nieman Journalism Lab
    • The Psychology of Link Building. The human aspects of link building (including a PPT) which are not unlike what media relations professionals have been practicing in the PR world for  years –  State of Search
    • Publisher Strategy and the Image Explosion: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Luminate. An image is worth a thousand words and then some. The consumer movement towards a more visual online culture means opportunity for brands and marketers to give the people what they want – ChasNote
    • Selling the C-Level: 7 Content Marketing Myths Debunked. The Godfather of modern content marketing, Joe Pulizzi, busts common objections executives have towards content marketing – Content Marketing Institute
    • Using Sociology To Effect Change Within Your Brand’s Social Media Efforts. A social strategist within a company does not scale. Businesses need to become social from within and that means culture and organizational change  – Social Business News
    • 12 Top Community Managers Share Their Tips for Better Engagement. Great mix of advice from brand community managers on how growing communities online – Mashable
    • Visual Liveblogging of SXSW. A great way to view the insights and perspectives provided from a number of selected sessions during SXSW with drawings by @ImageThink- Ogilvy Notes